Sunday Messages

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  1. Why Do You Persecute Me? | 07.15.18 Speaker Nicole White 30:22
  2. Who Do You Say That I Am? | 07.08.18 Speaker Nicole White 28:19
  3. What Can You Give in Exchange for Your Soul? | 07.01.18 Pastor Josue Villa 29:00
  4. Where is your brother? | 06.24.18 Pastor Steve Clem 39:04
  5. Where Are You? | 06.17.18 Pastor Steve Clem 23:38
  6. Where were you...? | 06.10.18 Pastor Steve Clem 27:22





Pastor Steve quotes books that he has read on a regular basis in both his sermons and regular conversation. Have you ever wanted to get your hands on his reading list? Well – now’s your chance!! Below you will find sections associated with recommendations from PCC and linked through Goodreads; “Spiritual Growth”, & “Steve's Reading List”.

Spiritual Growth

Steve's Reading LIst